Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Interruptions shape our hours

In graduate school I made a piece which I called "Interruptions Shape Our Hours." Making art in grad school was a choppy experience, but no worse than every day life these days.
Car accident, recovering from broken sternum and badly bruised knee, then a week's vacation, when I got back two days hanging the show in Bangor, then four days up at Haystack on Deer Isle, all this meant no studio time for a month. A month! Today I had to take my father to a dentist appointment, and yesterday was consumed by some essential studio clean up and painting. Tomorrow I have a volunteer meeting all afternoon. A few hours here and a few hours there this week. Maybe next week I will be able to devote the better part of every day to my art. I have a small commission, which helps. And the weather is cooling off, which also helps. Cold weather helps to get me out of the garden and into the studio every day, so bring it on. Above, the morning walk into the nearby blueberry barren. Soon all the blueberry bushes will be turning their glorious diverse shades of red.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wow, what a month

Since August 20 I have been recovering from a car accident which totaled my car but fortunately didn't total me. A guy ran a stop sign and I collided with his vehicle, the air bag went off and broke my sternum. Still uncomfortable to cough but I can laugh again! This second accident has me having some deep existential moments, never mind driving anxiety, though I know it is just bad luck. So much for the good luck I felt surviving the plan crash four years ago. I watch the other drivers intensely now. So many people on their stupid phones not paying attention!! It pisses me off.
And here is a shot of the completed installation in Bangor, at the Sohns Gallery, 20 feet of it. The show includes a few mixed media constructions and collages. I will be giving a talk on October 2 at 7 (the reception start at 6:30) for the Bangor Artober art walk for about a half hour or so, public invited. The show remains up until November 1. I will be taking it down again on November 2--too soon!!
The other thing I had wanted to write about took place on August 13 when the Smith family, the U.S. Ambassador's family, from Qatar, paid me a studio visit. It was so generous of them to spend a part of their precious time in Maine coming to Appleton to see where "Library" was created, and to visit with me. What a great family! I so appreciated that. And Dana came the next night to the opening of a show I had in Damariscotta, at River Arts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I've been blessed with some significant recognition for my work recently (the PMA Biennial, The Art In Embassies Program) and it's with just as much appreciation on my part that I announce here an Honorable Mention award I got for two collages I submitted recently to a juried show in Belfast. My collages tend to be abstract studies of the push and pull of verticals and horizontals in a small field of quiet color. The jurors for the show are four Belfast artists whose work I admire so I am pleased to have had the work recognized in this way. I am hoping one or both of the collages sell as the show is a fundraising event for Hospice of Waldo County and there is no group more generous than hospice volunteers.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


There are lots of goldfinches in the garden these days but sadly no sign of even one monarch. Last year I think I saw three. We have a large patch of milkweed in our fields and I have been hopeful about having monarchs, the way we suddenly spotted bobolinks this spring when we thought there were none. While the milkweed has pods I saw no caterpillars. Speaking of caterpillars, I should be watching for signs of the awful tomato hornworm. It's about that time of the season...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Post Memorial Day

Already over a month since my last posting....I have been working on a number of projects, none of which relate to my studio work...my family is trying to get my father's house cleaned out and repainted for tenants who arrive next week for a year. The house is looking great and it's good but rather sad to get this done. Meanwhile, another show I'm in (Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland) is about to come to a close (June 2). A really nice group show, "Season Opener" at the Betts Gallery in Belfast opened last Friday night. I have four collages and two altered books in that show, which will remain on view until June 22.
 The Texture of Time, 2015
The Spirit of Forms, 2015
An Evolutionary Trait, 2015
And there are more...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where to see my work this summer

I will have work in a number of shows this year, between now and December. And there is the ongoing show in Qatar (!), if you can get there(!), and manage to get invited to the ambassador's residence...

  • April-May: "Epilogues," two person show with Jessica Straus, perimeter gallery at Chase's Daily restaurant, 96 Main Street, Belfast, Maine (see previous blog entry)

  • May: "Conversations in Collage," two person show with Ieva Tatarsky, Jonathan Frost Gallery, Park Street, Rockland, Maine

  • May-June: opening show at Betts Gallery, Main Street, The Belfast Framer, Belfast, Maine

  • August: Stable Show, Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • August-September: "Aarhusians Reunited," Betts Gallery, The Belfast Framer, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • September-November, "Library: The Stories We Are," Sohns Gallery, The Rock and Art Shop, Central Street, Bangor, Maine

And another opening next week!

Next Friday, May 1, is the first Friday art walk of the season in Rockland. I am glad Belfast changed theirs to the last Friday so there isn't the conflict anymore. I will be showing collages at the Jonathan Frost Gallery on Park Street along with Ieva Tatarsky. The opening is from 5:30 until 8, I think. Come to Rockland and see the art! Hopefully it will be a nice spring evening...
 This one is by Ieva Tatarsky. I took the photo and it is uncropped. Sorry, Ieva!
 I'll be showing a suite of collages that I am calling Blue series, #1-#19. I don't know how many will fit on the wall, maybe half. The rest I will leave with Jonathan in case something sells. He can then just replace it with another as they are all the same exact size, 14" X 11", framed.

I'll also be showing some other recent collages.